Project 55218 – annual survey (market research / statistics / copywriting)




Contract Type

Candidate (Freelancer)

Company Type


Company Size

Startup < 100

Requested Expertise

Market Research / Insights / Biostatistics / Data management / Medical Writing / Scientific communications

Profile Required

– Fluent in English, French is a plus
– Strong experience in statistical analysis
– Strong experience in market research
– Strong experience in copywriting / business report writing
– Flexible, Proactive, Professional
– strong knowledge about the freelancing market is a plus

Project Description

PHARMATCH.CO launched its annual international survey / market research on freelancing in the healthcare industry through SurveyMonkey in Q2 2024 (

PHARMATCH.CO is requesting the support of a (or several) freelance expert(s) able to perform statistical analysis, market research and copywriting / business report writing to deliver:

1 / SLIDE DECK (power point and pdf)

Perform a statistics analysis of the survey dataset using stat software (including mean, median, min, max, standard deviation, p value for statistics meaningfulness assessment, exclusion of aberrant results and biais when relevant).

Make an interpretation of the data and design slides for each analysis / variable analyzed (1 analysis = 1 slide, which will be turned into 1 Linkedin post by the team) – design must use various, modern and appealing graphics through dedicated design software.

Univariate analysis of each variable measured through the given survey as well as relevant multivariate analyses plus evolution analysis of the variables that were already measured in the 2020 survey (i.e. longitudinal analyses). A total of around 200 slides (depending on relevancy) is expected (including univariate, multivariate, longitudinal analyses)

Where applicable: recoding of open questions (free text fields) into quantitative measurements

Slide deck and design must be sober and using catchy modern design, illustrations must be reuseable for formatting and use as Linkedin posts. will provide graphic charter and logotype, Freelance Service Provider will use it to design slides and graphics.

A full quality check of the analyses, spelling and design must be performed before final delivery

The deliverables will include a slide deck available in both PowerPoint and PDF formats, as well as an Excel file containing both the raw and analyzed data.

2 / FULL REPORT (word and pdf)

Drafting of an analysis, bibliographical research and interpretation of the results of the 2024 study in the form of a written report in Microsoft Word format, including the conclusions, interpretation and graphics of the aforementioned slide deck.

Report must contain introduction, summary, chapters, conclusion, key results of the aforementioned slide deck, interpretation versus the overall freelancing and labor market.

An in-depth review of the literature around freelancing and healthcare labor market must be done within the limits of the sources available publicly in free access and/or the data and literature provided by

Roughly 4 000 words (roughly corresponding to 20 pages of 12pt Montserrat fonts) are expected.

At least 50% of the text must be research and interpretation from the literature.

The idea is not to copy paste the results of the survey from the slide deck but to put the results of the survey in perspective with existing data from the literature.

A full quality check of the analyses, design and spelling must be performed before final delivery

Deliverables include a report in both Microsoft Word and PDF formats.


Project start : ASAP
Deadline for both deliverables (Slide Deck & Full Report) : End August.
Project can be done by one or a team of freelance expert during summer.

Therapeutic Area




Hard Skills

Statistical programming languages (e.g. R) ,Fluency in English,Database analysis,Word proficient,Publications,Powerpoint proficient,Literature Review

Soft Skills

Professionalism,Analytical skills,Adaptability,Assertiveness,Autonomous / self-management,Clarity,Storytelling,Inspiring,Observation

Seniority Level

Experience < 5 years,Experience 5 – 10 years

Starting Date


Project Duration

2 months

FTE / nb of days per week


Project Location

Remote, N/A

Remote Flexibility


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