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Our expertise in Pharma – Biotech – Medtech – eHealth : Market Access / Regulatory Affairs / Medical Affairs / Quality / Real-World Evidence / Health Economics / Clinical Research / Production / Pharmacovigilance / Biostatistics…  

THEY BRIEF US  – BigPharma, Biotech, Medtech, Digital Health Startups, International Organizations, Health Authorities, Health Public Institutions

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« We are building worldwide's best scalable workforce to meet the challenges of the healthcare economy »

Take advantage of the expertise of our unique community of 2000+ independent experts from R&D, Production to Commercial Functions today.

  • Onboarding Level 1 “Community” : Pre-Qualified Community members (free access to Slack to live chat between healthcare freelancers)
  • Onboarding Level 2 “Eligible”: Eligible to work through pharmatch.co (minimum criteria OK and T&C agreed)
  • Onboarding Level 3 “Onboarded”: Personal Information OK (personal information fully completed & validated)
  • Onboarding Level 4 “Company Checked”: Company Information OK (administrative information fully completed & checked)
  • Onboarding Level 5 “Certified” : Freelance Expert Certified by pharmatch.co original certification system (interview, external recommendation, test, pro insurance, KYB, ect..)
  • Upcoming new Onboarding Levels : advanced profiles 

Our projects. Deliverables or Ressource Mode.

« We provide you the right freelance expert whether for consulting or interim workforce »

Share your needs online and rapidly meet your objectives thanks to very fast onboarding of our independent experts.

Market Access

Health Economics


Medical Affairs


Clinical Research


Manufacturing / Production

Real-World Evidence

Public Affairs


Regulatory Affairs

Market Research


Legal / IP


Experts Onboarding Levels

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Community members

Freelance Experts or Future Freelance Experts with at least one expertise sought by healthcare organizations who are part of our community of freelancers but not yet registered on pharmatch.co (need to fill pharmatch.co eligibility criteria form)
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Level 1


Eligible to pharmatch.co

Experts who fulfilled pharmatch.co eligibility criteria & who are able to work through pharmatch.co
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Level 2

Our freelancing offers. Transparent & Fair.

Our freelancing offers. Transparent & Fair.


Profile page OK

Experts who fully complete their freelance profile information (expertise, pitch, indicative daily rate, FTE, preferences, CV, hard skills, soft skills, seniority level, languages, MBTI profile, certification level...)
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Level 3

Advanced Profiles.

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Upcoming New Levels

Our freelancing offers. Transparent & Fair.

« We recommend you the most suitable experts, fully manage administrative steps & negotiate fair rates fitting your budget »

Daily rates indicator (per country, per expertise)

pharmatch.co helps you to reach your business goals by providing with the most fair & transparent rates.



Our unique concept. Peer-to-peer approach & Virtuous Circle.

« As a true community of healthcare professionals,
we believe in the power of the network »

In pharmatch.co, we are united by the idea of developing a strong and supportive community of healthcare experts. In order to do so, we sponsor the projects of our community members, provide them rewards and develop incentive programs.  We believe in the power of our unique network to create a virtuous circle impacting positively the broader healthcare ecosystem. 

Reward Campaign

Receive 15% of pharmatch.co commission to bring us freelance projects you are not able to do (AMBASSADOR program) OR candidates from your network matching with opened opportunities we have (REFERRAL program).

Circular Economy

We give part of our benefits to health associations (donations or to finance missions performed by our healthcare freelancer experts) (pharmatch FUND) OR to fund innovative healthcare  startups (pharmatch STARTUP STUDIO).

Employee incentive

All pharmatch.co employees are receiving company shares (pharmatch SHARES) when joining the team & are directly financially incentivized (pharmatch ROYALTIES). We also provide unique work / life balance conditions while promoting remote & autnomous works.

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