Project 55207 – Customer service manager



Contract Type

Candidate (Freelancer)

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Company Size

Middle 1000 – 5000

Requested Expertise

Others / Communications / External Relations / Public Affairs /

Profile Required

Beyond a diploma, we are looking for someone with at least 5 to 10 years of experience in sales administration/customer service.
You know the pharmaceutical industry and more particularly the compliance inherent to the activity. You are proficient in budget management and have knowledge of the use of logistics information systems in particular.
You have already held managerial functions (essential for the position) in which you had the opportunity to set up new organizations and support change. In your daily life as a manager, you know how to demonstrate empathy, kindness and perspective. Your ability to unite, make decisions, communicate as well as your customer orientation will be key factors of success.

Project Description

You will be involved in a business transformation context (growth, increase in activity, improvement of working methods, etc.) which will allow you to have a real impact on the implementation of the customer service strategy while having a real operational management role.
Your mission will be to:
– Ensure the coordination of all French customer service operations via the management of the team (9 employees), the monitoring of the smooth running of orders, reporting and to ensure customer satisfaction.
– Ensure the daily management of the employees reporting to you: distribution of activity, monitoring of the smooth running of departmental tasks, management of leave, annual interviews, etc.
– Supervise the proper functioning of customer orders (monitoring deadlines and deliveries, handling disputes, etc.).
– Guarantee the resolution of incidents from order to payment (arbitration of product shortages according to priorities, analysis and implementation of plans actions necessary for the smooth running of orders, management of assets and invoices).
– Guarantee the reliability and fluidity of service data (updating customer files, analysis and control of reasons for ruptures and delivery incidents, reporting on logistics/transport penalties etc.).
– Create and ensure reporting of your activity and associated KPIs with a view to optimizing Customer service.
– Make daily connections with cross-functional services (supply, logistics, accounting, quality, etc.).
– Contribute and facilitate business projects and developments in Information Systems.

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Hard Skills

Soft Skills

Seniority Level

Experience 5 – 10 years

Starting Date


Project Duration

3-4 months

FTE / nb of days per week


Project Location

Lyon (St Fons) – No remote – travels in Lille (where we have part of the team), France

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