Freelance Expert Interview


  • Partnerships & Strategy
  • 20-year experience
  • 2 months as a freelancer
  • France
  • Could you explain us your background  & where you coming from ? 🎓

I have a very long background in Healthcare in partnership, healthcare medias, and editing . 
  • Could you please let us know more about your expertise, your day-to-day activity as a freelancer in this expertise ? 💎

Business meeting 
Partneship meeting 
Brainstorming for business developpement 
  • Why did you decide to become a freelancer ? 😇

To get freedom, 
Choose projects
work hard 
to be digital nomad …
  • What are the pros & cons  being a freelancer ? ⚖️

The advantage is to be able to work on a multitude of projects, no inconvenient for the moment. 
  • What would you say to  someone hesitating becoming a healthcare industry freelancer ? 🤔

Come with us ! It’s very exciting to work for Innovation et Health sector transformation !
  • What is your feeling around healthcare  Clients openness  to freelancers ? 〽️

It s a very good news of cours, because healthcare System . Everyone can help transform the sector for a better world . To give treatments for patients 

It’s a very good initiative for freelancers . 
Alone, we go faster, together we go further.
  • Did you already work with ? If yes, could you please tell us more about your experience ?

Not yet. 

  • How do you see  freelancing in healthcare industry in the near future ? 💫

A must- provider !