pharmatch Candidate charter

Joining is joining a caring community of healthcare industry professionals


In, we are committed to creating a healthcare industry's workplace of the future by bringing together permanent employees, expert freelancers and beginner professionals. We believe that precisely for the reason of the commitment to our core values we established a great community of healthcare industry professionals. We aim to continue to evolve our community to impact the broader healthcare ecosystem. For this purpose, we provide our community members projects that match the expertise and help to grow professionally. In order to build and keep a healthy working environment, we developed a set of principles that identify our values: team play, professionalism and entrepreneurial mindset. We believe we can reach mutually advantageous cooperation only in case of your strong alignment with our ethics.

Team Play

Mutual Aid

You are eager to help your teammates and create a supportive environment, whether you work with each other temporarily or on a permanent basis. You don't refrain from tutoring others - share your own knowledge and build on the experience of your teammates. Collaborate with each other, make the most from the strength of your teammates and smooth over their weaknesses to achieve group goals.

Be friendly and respectful

Display honesty and integrity while interacting with your colleagues and other community members. Keep your word, avoid judging your peers ( you don't want to destroy a positive workplace, right 🙂 ?), keep communication in a respectful manner and recognize personal boundaries. Value the people you work with, notice and acknowledge the best in others.

Improve the community strength

Organize and participate in events in your city with other healthcare industry professionals and freelancers. Whether it’s a virtual or an in-person event, organizing and participating in a community event provides a brilliant opportunity to bring the healthcare community together, which in turn creates a support network and even fosters bonding and friendship for future projects together. what is equally important is also to share in pharmatch slack - a collaborative communication tool for healthcare industry freelancers developed by deliberately to bring the pharma community together. It's an easy way to build bonds and keep in touch among the healthcare community members.



To ensure the success of your collaboration, clearly define your role in the project, or, if you are a permanent employee - in a team. Ask your chief about the goals to be achieved and the scope of the tasks. Stay in constant communication with the rest of your teammates: exchange information, ask them questions, take the initiative and share new ideas.

Be flexible

The business environment is extremely fluid. Companies are required to cope with growing complexity and environmental turbulence, so are their employees. Whether you are an experienced professional, expert freelancer or beginner specialist, you need to develop agility and learn how to adapt to any business environment. Adapt to different corporate cultures and people, adjust yourself to unusual conditions, have a variety of instruments to reach a goal, react accurately to the feedback you get and learn from it.

Regularly update your knowledge and skill set

It’s not enough to just have a good knowledge of the work you perform, since virtually all professional fields are very dynamic. Hence, to stay competitive on the job market, constantly improve your knowledge, upgrade your skill set and keep abreast of the latest technologies.

Perform the projects conscientiously

Accept only the projects or offer which you believe you can accomplish. Work deploying all your skills and experience to leave the employer satisfied with the work done. Expend as much time as needed to successfully complete the project. Ensure that the milestones are met by the agreed deadlines and executed to the satisfaction of the project owner or permanent employer. Show integrity and professionalism while carrying out the project.

Respect confidentiality and intellectual property

Integrity and ethics are the core values for Maintain the trust between you and the client through your cooperation. Avoid disclosing confidential information to third parties, either during or after the project completion. Share the rights of the created work product only with the client and don't transfer it to third parties. Be careful to check if the work product does not violate the rights of any other enterprise or person.

Say no to bypassing

The main objective of is to develop a strong community of healthcare industry experts. That's why we reinject benefit to the community, employee support and humanitarian actions. If you wish to get more projects, receive an additional source of revenue through our reward campaign and contribute to an impactful social project, keep the team informed of all concluded or prospective contracts (either freelance projects, permanent position or student internship) obtained through our platform, including the compensation details of the contract and repeated and end-to-end consultancies.

Entrepreneurial mindset is a platform that provides various tools to achieve any career goal in the healthcare industry. That's why we greatly value such qualities as ambitiousness and future orientation. Whether it comes to building a corporate career in healthcare, acquiring specific expertise or developing your own project, keep in mind your compelling goal that will hold you future-focused and highly engaged. Take responsibility for a project or the work without involvement or guidance from the side of your boss and try to work through obstacles with a team. Finally, become solution-oriented by perceiving problems as potential opportunities, and you will always succeed in