Freelance Expert Interview


  • Go-to-market strategy
  • 6-year experience
  • 3 years as a freelancer
  • Germany
  • Could you explain us your background  & where you coming from ? 🎓

French based in Germany since 2010, I studied at Sciences Po in France and Stuttgart in Germany in a double diplom programm. 

I started my career in Munich as Corporate Affairs Consultant for the American Fleishman Hillard.

2016 I started at Doctolib in the German founding team.

2019 I started to work as an independant.

  • Could you please let us know more about your expertise, your day-to-day activity as a freelancer in this expertise ? 💎

📌 Go/No Go (Industry panorama, Legal barriers, Competition, Doing Business in Germany)
📌 Ecosystem Mapping (Partner identification, KOL, Events, Media, Institutions, Federations, Associations)
📌 Go-To-Market (Sales and HR strategy, Product and Sales Deck adaptation, Do’s & Don’ts, “Marque blanche”, Intros with Key Contacts, Review of German: Web Site, Product, Sales Deck, Scripts etc)
📌 Market Entry: POC, first Use Case, German Entity, Recruitment, Office, B2B network activities
📌 Cross-border Merger & Acquisition

  • Why did you decide to become a freelancer ? 😇

In order to continue to work *with* startups, without working *for* startups 😉

I wanted to be less operational and more on a strategic level, connecting my clients with the right contacts and being at the intersection between France and Germany.

  • What are the pros & cons  being a freelancer ? ⚖️


– Choosing the people you work with

– Choosing the projects you want to support

– Choosing your way of working with your clients

– Organising your work conditions on your own


– More working hours than as an employee if you consider the admin work + network/personal branding activities

– Difficult to have clear visibility 

– No paid holiday/ public holidays, no paid sick leave etc

– Need to be resilient and patient, you don’t have to be afraid of fluctuations !

  • What would you say to  someone hesitating becoming a healthcare industry freelancer ? 🤔

There are huge opportunities, great projects and money dedicated to that ! But you have to be sure that you can organize and motivate yourself, also on the long run, because no one will be behind you to check what you do !

  • What is your feeling around healthcare  Clients openness  to freelancers ? 〽️

Very often and will be more and more in the future !

Needed in the landscape 🙂

  • Did you already work with ? If yes, could you please tell us more about your experience ?

Not yet as a Consultant, but building the PHREE Community !

  • How do you see  freelancing in healthcare industry in the near future ? 💫

Well established, with very specific niches and experts !