Freelance Expert Interview


  • Clinical Trials / Regulatory / Pharmacology
  • 15-year experience
  • 5 years a a freelancer
  • Kazakhstan
  • Could you explain us your background  & where you coming from ? 🎓

I am a Master of Medicine, educated in Kazakhstan and with a lot of experience in a Big Pharma companies in fields of clinical trials and regulatory affairs, as well as in medical writing area.

  • Could you please let us know more about your expertise, your day-to-day activity as a freelancer in this expertise ? 💎

I am working as a freelancer during 5 years, and I can provide the service in clinical trial submissions and monitoring activities in parallel with me primary field of work – teaching in the Medical University

Submission activities are the most likely for me, because no one can disturb me) each document should be performed on a best manner, and it takes a lot of time (sometimes) but I can do this job at any my convenient time. No rules and schedules for day of my work, just deadlines.

  • Why did you decide to become a freelancer ? 😇

It is most convenient way to do my lovely job and to recieve the appropriate money for it.

  • What are the pros & cons  being a freelancer ? ⚖️


– free schedule, only deadlines

– as many customers as i want

– no need to go to office – my office is at my home

– i am free to travel

– no permanent income

  • What would you say to  someone hesitating becoming a healthcare industry freelancer ? 🤔

Don’t worry

Would like to know more

  • How do you see  freelancing in healthcare industry in the near future ? 💫

It is growing

  • Any other points you want to share with the healthcare industry community ?

Would like to know more clients to perform my best for them