Virtuous Circle

Work with & impact positively the broader healthcare ecosystem !

We are not just here to connect people, our end ambition is to create a unique ecosystem where everyone can benefit from our activity : get financial reward to bring projects or profiles to us, get a mentor following you for free, work low-fee for associations or startups through fund, get shares as employee of, access “ Slack” for free to live chat with freelancers from the community, co-develop the platform with us by sharing ideas or little bit of your time.


Join our “Sponsorship Programs” to get up to 15 % of pharmatch commissions 

1 / AMBASSADOR Program = you bring us freelance projects you are not able to do (no time, not your expertise)

2/ REFERRAL Program = you bring us a profile from your network matching with one of our current opened opportunities 

Circular Economy

Every year we reinvest part of our benefits to fund & invest in : 

humanitarian health associations (pharmatch FUND)

innovative health projects (pharmatch STARTUP STUDIO)

on which our community of healthcare industry freelancers participate.

Incentive program

In addition to salary, we provide various great incentives to our employees, namely allocation of company’s shares (pharmatch SHARES) & part of our benefits (pharmatch ROYALTIES). 

In addition we promote quality of life, remote & autonomous work conditions.

Mentorship Program

Our experienced healthcare freelance experts are following for free healthcare students in order to help them in the development of their career & answer any questions they may have. 

Free Collaborative Communication Tool

Each expert can access for free the Slack of our community of freelance experts  “PHREE Community”.

This is a digital solution where you can exchange with healthcare industry freelancers worldwide in different area of expertise (i.e. live channels per country, per expertise, ect…)


Since the begeinning of the story we have involved you as healthcare industry professionals in the development of the platform.

We welcome any feedbacks you may have regarding the features of the platforms, ideas for the community or anything else !

Do you want to join us ?

Thousands of healthcare industry professionals have already joined, we are now waiting for you !

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