Join top-tier pharma experts

A thorough screening process to select the most qualified pharma expert for the Client
In order to join the community, each pharma expert goes throw a multi-steps selection process intended to check his/her hard & soft skills, motivation as well as his/her administrative information.

We ensure the Client meets the most reliable pharma specialists with the expertise & team-fit they need.
  • Eligibility check

    We collect and thoroughly verify all basic professional information about you - education, expertise, work experience, completed projects. This ensures that you are eligible to join our platform.

  • Full Registration to

    When subscribing to the platform you will inform us in detail about your expertise, company administrative information, situation, needs & expectations. It will allow us to ensure we can provide projects fitting well with your profile.

  • Certification #1 : Take online soft & hard skills certification tests (coming)

    As part of " original certification system", you will be asking to perform test onlines allowing us to certify both your hards & soft skills through expertise & MBTI tests.

  • Certification #2 : In-depth interview with peers

    As part of "pharmatch original certification system", you will have a 30-minute call with one certified member from our network who is expert in your area of expertise. It will allow us to further explore your hard skills and understand who you are especially in terms of soft skills. This will be your first recommendation.

  • Certification #3 : Administrative Document check

    As part of "pharmatch original certification system", our system automatically check all your administrative documents whever you are a person or a company. If you are a company we ensure all your administrative documents are compliants (i.e. KYB process).

  • Certification #4 : External Recommendations

    As part of "pharmatch original certification system", get at least 3 recommendations from previous clients, employers or colleagues.

  • Congratulations ! Your profile is validated & you can now receive projects !

    Your profile is validated, you are 'pharmatch certified' & now visible by our team & clients. You should receive soon first project opportunities matching with your profile !

  • Onboarding Call

    We will schedule a video call with you & some new members to welcome you on board. It will be the occasion for you to meet the team, the community, understand our vision, our values & ask any questions you may have !

  • Discover programs!

    As a member you can now support our activity becoming a sponsor, an ambassador, a mentor, a volunteer, a matchmaker or a business developer for the community ! Feel free to contact us if you are interested.