Project 55138 – Sales Freelancer (IVD)



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Candidate (Freelancer)

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Startup < 100

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Pharmaceutical Product Development / Sales / Commercial / BU / Medical visits / Promotion / Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Profile Required

sales, marketing, networkings, analyse, PharmD, experienced in IVD industry

Project Description

Our company is a CDMO based in Paris, we are specialized in fast cell line development and antigen/antibody custom production. Our patented SwiMR technology using FACs sorting is a most performant tool for cell line development; Our innovative platform allows to expand the highest expression up to 10-15 g/L; Our antibody/antigen production platform offers very competitive prices for small, medium and large-scale expression and purification; Our Interference Eliminating Proteins (IEPs) offer half of current market price.

We highlight this market by our high quality, competitive pricing, and time saving.
We serve mainly 4 categories of clients :
1. Antibody manufacturers with their hybridoma cells. The instability and low expression of hybridoma is common and costly. They might lose their precious antibodies. Using our SwiMR technology, we re-construct their hybridoma in CHO cells in 1 month.
2. IVD manufacturers. Using protein sequencing and our SwiMR technology, we re-construct any antigen/antibody in a CHO cell for scale production in 1-2 months. Provide us only 100 μg of antibody/antigen samples, we take care of all the rest : sequencing, synthesis, cloning, cell line development, large-scale expression and purification. We deliver the same antigen & antibody in 1-2 months at any quantity, with much lower cost.
3. Antibody drug manufacturers. Our platform allows rapid development of the highest-expression monoclonal cell line in 4 months, with expression level up to 15 g/L.
4. Research institutes. Our SwiMR technology allows fast construction of all kinds of protein/antibody, with highest expression. Transient expression or stable cell line, small or large-scale production, guarantee the most economical and rapid solution.
We have re-constructed more than 500 antibodies in CHO-K1 cells, 99% of them are with the same properties as the original antibodies.

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Hard Skills

Academia experience,Experience 5 – 10 years

Soft Skills

Accurate,Critical Thinking,Research

Seniority Level

Experience 5 – 10 years

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Project Duration

long term

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Project Location

London, Paris, Madrid, France

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