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Our vision - to build pharma’s future workforce was born with a true purpose –  to drive the revolution of pharma labor marketplace by providing an all-in-one digital solution to hire the CORE team of employees & FLASH teams of external freelancers the pharma industry is looking for.   

What we believe 
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We have noticed that firms are increasingly functioning as dynamic networks rather than fixed hierarchies – the traditional model of onsite “day at the office” work has faced significant changes. Our research shows that more and more companies attract freelancers to join internal employees, comprising teams that simultaneously work in concert and chasing value creation. What we are absolutely convinced of is that workforce ecosystems, consisting of external and internal employees, will be a feature of future workplaces. 

We assume that the future will likely center around the idea of flash teams – an in-house workforce and on-demand freelancers integrated to bring a specific knowledge or expertise.  As of now, companies are already attracting freelancers to reinforce the existing team, benefiting from exactly the needed expertise at the right time. Hence, there is a crucial need for labor marketplaces that allow to onboard the qualified human capital, and we are proud to come first to offer that for a pharma industry.

Nowadays, we witness the rise of the knowledge economy. We believe that freelancers are the first & foremost qualified independent workers who are self-employed. They provide specific skills and know-how the companies look for. According to numerous researches, more and more companies apply to freelancers in search of flexibility and specific skill-set. The same trend is observed in freelancing in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Our mission is to create a platform that will shape the future of work through a caring community of pharma professionals

In pharmatch, we are driven by our mission to create the future of work in pharma: provide healthcare companies of all sizes the opportunity to build a CORE team of permanent employees and agile FLASH teams of freelance experts. We are absolutely certain that the core team of permanent employees has the potential to bring real added value to any organization, while a flexible team of freelance specialists, like a Lego block, will deliver specific missing expertise to your existing team. We are convinced that by bringing together freelancers into teams, flash teams will allow your company to accomplish complex goals on different stages of the workflow and perform the most daring business tasks.

We seek to fulfil our mission through building a caring community of pharma experts. For that reason, we created a pharmatch Slack – a collaborative communication tool for pharma professionals developed by the deliberately to bring the pharma community together. Communication among members is based on principles of mutual aid and team play, and we are proud we have developed such a healthy community.

We further have developed a “ Virtuous Circle” – a profit-sharing system in which every member of our community receives financial support. Every year, we reinvest up to 10% of our benefit to fund humanitarian or innovative projects (see “pharmatch fund”) in which our pharma freelancers are taking part. We also devote part of our profits to reward users & employees (see “pharmatch reward campagin”). This is how we open up more opportunities to develop a strong and supportive community of pharma experts.

Learn more about pharmatch “Virtuous Circle”.

We provide an access to the largest community of pharma professionals – permanent employees, freelance experts and students – covering all the pharma expertise from R&D to Commercial functions.  We use a in-house developed smart search engine using pharma jobs specificities & terminology to match you with the candidate tailored to your need. Moreover, our team is comprised of pharma professionals with a concrete experience in the field in each expertise (see “pharmatchmakers / peer recruiters”) that assist us to select the most suitable profiles matching your specific request following the concepts of co-oopting & peer-to-peer recruiting. 

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Companies often don’t know how to manage a workforce in which external workers play a big role, since most workforce-related processes focus on permanent employees, not external contributors. In, we see a future, that’s why we offer an integrated approach to managing  your workforces.  

Fact & Figures

+ 145 % freelancers in Europe during the last 10 years

10 Millions + freelancers in Europe

36% of the total US workforce freelanced in the past year 2 

47% of freelancers consider freelancing as a long-term career 

58% of non-freelancers new to remote work are considering freelancing in the future

15 000 + members in the PHREE Community, international community of pharma freelancers (

x4 Pharma Freelancing Market expected to be multiplied by 4 between 2020 & 2025


Source : EFIP, Forbes,, PHREE Community

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